Enrollment for 2024 TikiLand Mug Society, NOW OPEN -CLICK HERE-

TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)

TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 2024 (starts at $99)

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TikiLand Mug Society

Collectors of Rare Antiquities and Relics

Aloha and Kungaloosh fellow TikiLanders! 
Welcome to our 2024 Membership Enrollment!
We created TikiLand Mug Society as a way to embrace and reward those of you who have been such strong supporters of TikiLand, collect Tiki mugs, as well as those who love all things tiki.
You're invited to join the TikiLand Mug Society!
Membership enrollment is now open!

The TikiLand Mug Society is an exclusive club, with benefits that should be quite appealing for those who enjoy the sport of collecting tiki mugs, as well as other treasures of Polynesian Pop and tropical escapism.

During this initial membership enrollment period we will likely decide to limit how many members there will be in each membership category. Once we hit that limit, new memberships will be closed until spots open up (and since memberships are for all of 2024, that could be a year from now). Depending on popularity, this limit may be hit during this initial enrollment period, and we may close new memberships early.

Memberships are priced at $99 for Basic, $149 for Standard, and $235 for Deluxe, per year. For those of you joining from outside the United States membership will be higher, and may have an additional shipping fee based on the membership package you've chosen.

TikiLand Mug Society 2024 Membership items

MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Summary - Details follow below:
United States:
BASIC - $99
DELUXE - $235
Rest of World (+additional shipping):
DELUXE - $270
 This is the 'mystery TikiLand tiki mug' for those who are 2023 TikiLand Mug Society members. We may have some extras for sale for 2024 members.
This is the 'mystery TikiLand tiki mug' for those who are 2023 TikiLand Mug Society members. We may have some extras for sale for 2024 members.
BASIC MEMBERSHIP (U.S. ONLY) benefits include:
  • Membership for 2024. (January 1, 2024-December 31, 2024)

  • 1 previously unreleased mystery TikiLand tiki mug designed by a well known artist from the Tiki community. Ships Fall 2024. Shipping is included. Valued at $95 or more.

  • Early access, via a Members Only section on our website, to TikiLand limited edition mugsWhile things may change, we currently have planned multiple mug releases per month for 2024!

  • Secret Codes for 10-20% off nearly all new product listings* on all of TikiLandTrading.com in 2024! Members will be sent Secret Codes for each new item. Secret Codes can only be used one at a time per checkout, and each Secret Code can only be used once per item, per member. *Most items will be included, however certain discounted bundles or promotions, gift cards, etc. may be excluded.

  • Opportunity to buy TikiLand Mug Society exclusive items! That's right, in 2024 we're planning to introduce more new limited and exclusive items which only members will be able to purchase
STANDARD MEMBERSHIP benefits include:
  • Everything that's included with Basic Membership!

  • Pair of TikiLand Mug Society exclusive Mai Tai glasses. These will not be sold outside of membership. Expected to ship in the first quarter of 2024. Shipping is included. Valued at $50.

  • TikiLand Mug Society exclusive membership pin. This will not be sold outside of membership. Expected to ship in the first quarter of 2024. Shipping is included. Valued at $18.

  • TikiLand Mug Society membership card. Expected to ship in the first quarter of 2024. Shipping is included. Valued at priceless.

DELUXE MEMBERSHIP benefits include:
  • Everything that's included with Standard Membership!

  • TikiLand Mug Society exclusive Aloha shirt. This will not be sold outside of membership. Ships in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2024. Shipping is included. Valued at $95. You will receive a Secret Code (for 100% off) sometime after registration via email and will allow you to select and order the style and size of your choosing. Both unisex and women's tea timers are available in our standard sizes for each. Matching shirts and skirts will be available for members only to purchase for a limited time after registration has closed.
  • Deluxe Membership Early Access and Secret Codes. From time to time we may invite our members with with Deluxe Membership to even earlier early access for extremely sought after mug releases, and issue Secret Codes of a higher percentage off specific items.
  • Exclusive/Early Access at events. At specific events where TikiLand Trading Co. is in attendance or is hosting, and we have limited edition items, we will try to give Deluxe members early access to these items, in-person, so long as it's possible. 

'SEND A GIFT' Memberships:
  • Each 'Send a Gift' option includes the respective Membership Package as what's included in it's name, and relative to where it will ultimately be shipped (USA or Rest of World). 
    When selecting one of these 4 options, you will be required to submit the First and Last Name, and email address, of the person you wish to gift the membership to. We will not be emailing the recipients of gifted memberships until December 26-31, 2023. This delay is so that you, the giver of the membership, have time to let your recipient know about the gift yourself. Your name and information will not be revealed to recipient via our email to them, they will only receive an email stating that someone has gifted them a membership and how they must redeem/activate their membership registration. Additionally, if the recipient doesn't see an email from us before 1/1/2024, please have them contact info@tikilandtrading.com from the email address that you've submitted. We are not able to accommodate any special requests as part of the 'Send a Gift' program.

Lost Tiki Girl, Lost Tiki, Tiki tOny,
and the entire TikiLand Trading Co. crew
ONE MEMBERSHIP OR GIFT MEMBERSHIP PER CHECKOUT: To keep things working smoothly with our membership software, please only add 1 membership or gift membership to your cart for each check-out. You are more than welcome to repeat his process for multiple memberships or gift memberships. 
Please Note/Answers to FAQ regarding Membership: Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please make sure to use your correct email address when paying for your membership as we will not be able to change your membership to another account. We also are not able to combine multiple customer accounts. You may not purchase multiple memberships to extend your membership length as all memberships will run concurrently. If you wish to enroll in multiple concurrent memberships you must do so with a different email address/account for each one. We are also not able to "add on" additional glasses, pins, mugs, membership cards, secret codes, etc. to a membership. If we have members only items, if we have extras, they may become available for purchase in the members only section.
Mystery TikiLand tiki mug, included  with 2023 membership: The TikiLand Mug Society Edition mug for 2023 members may be available in limited quantity for purchase by 2024 members. We over produced in order to make sure we had more than enough for our current 2023 members, and will make them available to 2024 members as early as sometime in January. This edition will not be sold to non-members.

By joining TikiLand Mug Society you're joining a mailing and text list: As part of membership, it's required that we be able to send you messages that keep you up-to-date with what's being offered or going on with membership. If you choose to unsubscribe from either during the course of your membership you will not receive these updates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Judi S. (Providence, Rhode Island, United States)
Awesome glasses!

I was so excited to open my package to find these securely packaged mai tai glasses! Love love love!!

Scott C. (Ladson, South Carolina, United States)
TikiLand Trading Membership

I got my membership package the other day. Loved it. The two Mai Tai glasses, Tiki Pin and Membership Card (Now I'm official) :)
I love the fact everything is exclusive. Looking forward to the mug later.

Richard W. (Zionsville, Indiana, United States)

Wonderful membership renewal gifts!!

Customer (Carson City, Nevada, United States)
Great Membership

The membership gifts have always been great. The mug that comes with the membership is pretty great. The Mai Tai glasses are cool and I will now have enough to put in my home tiki bar once I construct it. The membership allows us to buy from local artists and we also get a discount codes to help with our purchase. Grest membership.

Anonymous (Riverside, California, United States)

Completely inlove with my new glasses!