TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 1 Year
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 1 Year
TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 1 Year

TikiLand Mug Society: Membership for 1 Year

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TikiLand Mug Society

Collectors of Rare Antiquities and Relics

Aloha and Kungaloosh fellow TikiLanders! 

In order to celebrate and appreciate those of you who have been such strong supporters of our TikiLand tiki mugs, and those that share our mutual love of all things tiki, we’ve decided to invite you all to join the TikiLand Mug Society! Membership enrollment is now open!

The TikiLand Mug Society is an exclusive club, with benefits that should be quite appealing for those who enjoy the sport of collecting tiki mugs.

During this initial membership enrollment period we will likely decide to limit how many members there will be. Once we hit that limit, new memberships will be closed until spots open up (and since memberships are for 12 months, that could be a year from now). Depending on popularity, this limit may be hit during this initial enrollment period, and we may close new memberships early.

For the initial membership enrollment period, November 28-30, 2020, membership for the first year is $99 per member. This will regularly be priced at $149 per year after November 30, 2020. For those of you joining from outside the United States membership will cost an additional $60 to cover shipping of the included items.

Membership benefits include:
  • 12 Month Membership

  • Pair of TikiLand Mug Society exclusive glasses. These will not be sold outside of membership. Ships January 2021. Shipping is included. Valued at $44.

  • TikiLand Mug Society exclusive membership pin. This will not be sold outside of membership. Ships January 2021. Shipping is included. Valued at $18.

  • TikiLand Mug Society membership card. Ships January 2021. Shipping is included. Valued at priceless.

  • 1 previously unreleased mystery TikiLand tiki mug designed by a well known artist from the Tiki community. Ships Fall 2021. Shipping is included. Valued at $95 or more.

  • Early access, via a Members Only section on our website, to TikiLand tiki mug sales, including limited edition mugs. Our next limited edition release will likely be in December 2020 (hint hint, wink wink), and will be limited to 300 pieces.

  • 12 Secret Codes for $20 off a TikiLand tiki mug. Sent once per month for the duration of your membership - 12 total, each for $20 off. Each code will be valid for 120 days, and codes can’t be combined, balance must be used in one purchase, and are for members only. This is up to $240 in savings if all codes are used. Valid only on new mugs put on sale after November 26, 2020 at TikiLandTrading.com. (First code arrives via email within 1 hour of membership enrollment, and then a new code is sent every 30 days after that, however your last 4 codes will all be sent on day 240 of your membership so that you're able to use them before your membership expires.)

  • And... we may introduce additional benefits as time progresses.
While this last year has thrown us all for a few twists and turns (we appreciate your patience!), we’ve been very, very busy fine tuning our design and production process, as well as getting new, never before seen, tiki mugs in the works. We have quite a few incredibly exciting tiki mugs already in different stages of production with artists currently affiliated with TikiLand, as well as many artists new to making mugs with us at TikiLand. Whether you join the TikiLand Mug Society or not, we look forward to sharing the adventure ahead with you.
Lost Tiki Girl, Lost Tiki, Tiki tOny,
and the entire TikiLand Trading Co. crew
Please Note/Answers to FAQ: Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable as your first Secret Code issued immediately and is delivered to your email within minutes of membership enrollment. Please make sure to use your correct email address when paying for your membership as we will not be able to change it. We also are not able to combine multiple customer accounts. You may not purchase multiple memberships to extend your membership length as all memberships will run concurrently. If you wish to enroll in multiple concurrent memberships you must do so with a different email address/account for each one. All of this is due to the complexity of our membership system. We are also not able to "add on" additional glasses, pins, mugs, membership cards, or secret codes to a membership.