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Tiki Mug Production Status

We appreciate your support and patience as we've experienced many operational challenges as a result of the pandemic. We are doing everything in our power to produce and deliver the tiki mugs you've ordered from us.

All of our Tiki Mugs usually begin with a "Pre-Sale". A pre-sale means that we begin taking orders usually in the early concept phase of mug design. As part of this process, it is usual to not receive your ordered mug for several months. Each tiki mug order page lists the expected time we plan to start shipping the mugs - this rarely changes unless their are production issues beyond our control. All 'Expected to Ship' dates and each tiki mugs current production status is listed below.

Why are newer released mugs shipping before my order that I’ve been waiting longer for?

Keiki Bob, Sunbathing Bertha, Skipper’s Bote, Whittle Hippo, Head Stack, Lost Adventurer, Calling All Spirits, and Hurry Back Ghostly Bride began production at our new facility later than most of our new overseas mugs because we had expected them to arrive during summer from our previous production partner. When it became clear that we weren’t going to be getting our order from them, we started over from scratch with this new facility; but the other mugs (such as Mug of Mugs, Tiki Whale, Kraken’s Toast, etc) were already in the works, which is why several other mugs will finish production and ship out before these. Sunbathing Bertha and Skipper’s Bote did arrive to us this summer, but the mugs were unacceptable for us to send out to customers, so production was also started from scratch on these.Also, while the above mugs were in production overseas, we started local production on smaller, limited, mug runs, like Pirate at the Helm and Pumpkin Cat for example. Therefore, because they aren’t being made in the same place or by the same people, we’ve been able to do work on these other projects independently.

Update as of September 6, 2022 -We’re nearly finished shipping our previously delayed mugs. Kraken’s Toast should be done shipping within about a week or so, and Hurry Back Ghostly Bride mugs should all be finished shipping in the next couple of weeks. These have taken a bit longer to ship than expected, as we stopped everything once our final shipment of Keiki Bob arrived, so we could fulfill those orders from 2020. Once the above mentioned mugs have shipped we will be moving on to Polynesian Pomp, and the Moonlight Edition of Pirate at the Helm. We expect these to start shipping mid-September.We’ve also received our Baby Whippy mugs and will be shipping those coming up soon too! Our best guess at this time is that they will begin shipping in November, which is right on time with the estimation given for this mug on the order listing page.

 Local production update:

We’ve faced an additional delay with Floral Tiki Goddess mugs. They are still being shipped as they come out of the kiln. We hope to have them all shipped in the next few weeks.

Update as of May 23, 2022 -
We’ve been very busy shipping our previously delayed mugs. As of right now, we’ve finished shipping Skipper’s Bote, Lost Adventurer, Head Stack, and Whittle Hippo. We are working on finishing up shipping the last of the Calling All Spirits Bowls, and Ghostly Bride mugs. Sunbathing Bertha will start shipping the week of 5/30. Followed by Kraken’s Toast, Polynesian Pomp, and the Moonlight Edition of Pirate at the Helm. We are still waiting on the final shipment of Keiki Bob to arrive. We thought they’d be here by now, but the latest update is that we should receive them by the end of June.

Local production update:

Jade Chalice tiki mugs will be shipping in batches starting the week of 5/23, and will continue until they have all shipped. Our local team is working diligently to finish these up.

Floral Tiki Goddess is running a bit behind schedule. We hope to have these all ready to ship in June. There was a delay in our production due our master mold being damaged. As a result, we needed to remake the mold from scratch in order to make new production molds. We have gotten over this hiccup and things are underway now.

Update as of March 20, 2022 - We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received almost all of our super delayed tiki mugs: Skipper’s Bote, Lost Adventurer, Head Stack, Calling All Spirits Bowl, Sunbathing Bertha, and Whittle Hippo. We’ve also received Kraken’s Toast and Polynesian Pomp…right on time! It’s been a heck of a lot of tiki mugs to fall into our lap all at once. We’re trying to sort through, process, and ship them as fast as possible! We’ve already shipped out all preordered Skipper’s Bote Mugs and most sets of the Lost Adventurer and Head Stack mugs, and we are also working on sending the individual Lost Adventurer and Head Stack mugs now. Next up we’re going to be shipping the Whittle Hippo mugs, and then so on and so forth. The second wave of the Ghostly Brides are still shipping in batches, as we sort through them and do our quality checks. We are still waiting on the final shipment of Keiki Bob to arrive.

It’s a lot for our little team to pack and ship, so we appreciate your continued patience as we work through all of these mug designs. It will likely take 2-3 months to get them all shipped, but again we are working as fast as possible and have a dedicated team that’s just working on packing and shipping mugs. Stay tuned for further updates.

Update as of  January 27, 2022 - The second wave of brides have started shipping. They will be shipping in batches as we sort through them and do our quality checks. They will likely be shipping over the next couple of months, as we also have other mugs to sort through at the same time. The Calling all Spirits bowls have arrived. It will take some time for us to sort through and do our quality checks. We hope to start shipping them in about a month, and they will be shipping in batches as we sort through and pack them. It will likely take a couple of months to get them all shipped, as we also have other mugs to sort through at the same time. Head Stack, Lost Adventurer, Whittle Hippo, and Skipper’s Bote mugs have made landfall and we are waiting for them to be delivered to us. This should hopefully happen sometime in the next couple of weeks. Once we receive these mugs, we will be sorting through them and doing our quality checks, which will take some time before we can begin shipping. Mugs will be shipping in the order they were sold on our website, starting with Whittle Hippo.Half of our order of Sunbathing Bertha mugs are on their way to us right now. The second half of the Sunbathing Bertha mugs are being prepared, and should be underway to us in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further updates. The shipment of Keiki Bob is being prepared, and should be underway to us in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further updates.

Update as of November 1, 2021 - As almost everyone has heard, the ports are overly congested, and as a result, some ships are also delayed. These delays are completely out of our control, but we do want to be completely transparent that this will impact when mugs will be delivered to us, and then from us to you. As of today, the only mugs that are moving 'months' of being delivered to us (in the information below from Aug 15) are Head Stack and Lost Adventurer, which will now be delivered to us in December instead of November.

Big Tiki Mug Update as of August 15, 2021 for those who have outstanding orders for Keiki Bob, Whittle Hippo, Calling All Spirits, Hurry Back Ghostly Bride, Sunbathing Bertha, Skipper's Bote, Lost Adventurer, and Head Stack:

We’ve got a big tiki mug update to share!

Many of you have passed the year mark of waiting for your tiki mug order and we are terribly, terribly sorry! We could have never foreseen the obstacles we’ve faced over the past year and a half, but please read this in its entirety.

First off! Here’s the scoop on what’s been going on behind the scenes with production of Keiki Bob, the Whittle Hippo, Lost Adventurer, Head Stack, Sunbathing Bertha, Skipper’s Bote, Ghostly Bride, and the Calling All Spirits bowl.

We started production on all of the above-mentioned tiki mugs with a production partner that we had been really happy with, and who did great work on our two versions of Tiki Tony’s Lagoon Mermaid, and Jose and Rosita, as well as a few other mugs we did with bars. Unfortunately during the pandemic, the production partners we were working with suffered a massive loss of staff, which included their skilled artists. They had to halt production, and relocate their facility for various reasons. We hung in with them feeling empathy for their situation, and felt that they would be able to bounce back to their previous level of high quality work. This was a mistake on our part. The impact of Covid-19 massively affected their ability to continue to work efficiently, produce the quality we had come to expect, and to complete our projects in a timely manner.

When the full production run of Sunbathing Bertha and Skipper’s Bote arrived to us recently, we were devastated to see that there were major issues with the vast majority of each tiki mug. It took going through hundreds of them to realize what we were dealing with, a total loss. 

Once this became apparent to us, we decided to start mug production from scratch with several new production partners. We had already started this previously with the Calling All Spirits bowl (due to structural issues with the bowl), and the Whittle Hippo (when they all came out of the kiln cracked with the original production partner), but now we decided to do it with everything else as well. 

So on top of massive delays, we now had tiki mugs we couldn’t send to all of you. 

The good news is that we have partnered with several new production partners who are working to help us get back on track, and who have successfully produced gorgeous artist proof samples of Keiki Bob, the Whittle Hippo, Lost Adventurer, Head Stack, Sunbathing Bertha, and Skipper’s Bote. As well as a few new ones too!
Orders have been placed for all of these tiki mugs! However because production had to start from scratch, we face yet another delay, but we are confident that this is the last and final delay! 

Based on current timelines our production partners have provided us with, we believe the following is when these tiki mugs will start to arrive to us:
The full production run of Lost Adventurer and Head Stack should be arriving to us sometime in November. 
The remainder of the Keiki Bob tiki mugs should be arriving to us sometime in December. 
The full production run of the Whittle Hippo should be arriving to us sometime in December. 
The full production run of Sunbathing Bertha should be arriving to us sometime in December.
The full production run of Calling All Spirits bowl will hopefully be arriving late fall but a date for delivery still hasn’t been set. 
The remainder of the Ghostly Bride tiki mugs should be arriving to us sometime in late fall. 
The full production run of Skipper’s Bote should be arriving to us sometime in January.

Once the mugs are completed, shipping to us usually takes more than a month. And once we’ve received the mugs, we’ll inspect them all, and then we will be working as hard as we can to get them shipped to you as fast as possible! 

Our previous production partners have yet to recover, but still owe us quite a few tiki mugs, and still have a lot of our money. We’re completely out the money for Skipper’s Bote and Sunbathing Bertha, as well as deposits on several projects they have yet to start, and deposits for failed projects such as the Calling All Spirits bowl, and the Whittle Hippo. If they can ever recover and produce the quality that they have previously sent to us, we are still owed additional Cannibal of Doom tiki mugs, Jose tiki mugs, Beachcomber Bombardier tiki mugs, and Keiki Bob tiki mugs - all of which we have also already paid for. They say they are still working on these projects, but we have little confidence left at this point.

On the horizon…

If you haven’t seen our previous announcement…

We’ve been working diligently to make a line of ‘made in sunny southern California’ tiki mugs a reality!

When we started making tiki mugs as TikiLand Trading Co., we dreamed of being able to work with incredible artists, and to make really cool things together. Our dream was always to make our tiki mugs widely available by creating larger runs with our overseas production partners, as well as more detailed tiki mugs by doing smaller runs with a local Southern California based team. We had a desire to satisfy all different types of collectors of tiki mugs with designs that we were constantly dreaming up. We’d say to each other…”Wouldn’t this make an awesome tiki mug?” and “Wouldn’t you love to work with so and so?”

Our dear friend Tom “Thor” Thordarson officially joined the TikiLand Trading Co. crew a while ago, as Creative Director, and has been involved with sculpting, development, and even our local manufacturing. With the addition of Thor to our crew, we also have blended in the team from Thor Arts. His daughter Kat and her partner Edward have worked with Thor on his tiki mugs in the past, including sought after favorites including Kon-Tiki, Pirate in a Barrel, Sloshed in Space, and Dead Men Tell No Tales.

For those who aren’t familiar with Thor, he is a painter, designer and storyteller, renowned for his inventive vision and whimsical characterizations of our world, and has held numerous executive titles with Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios and other theme park and attraction design companies.   His designs have come to life in Tokyo Disney’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” rides, among numerous others. Thor is also responsible for designing hundreds of tiki mugs, some of which are more than likely part of your collection now.

We are so proud and thrilled to have them as part of the TikiLand Trading Co. crew, and we know you’ll absolutely love what we’ve been able to create together.

Our goal behind these smaller runs is to bring you tiki mugs that would be incredibly difficult to produce on a large scale. While these are still handmade, just like our overseas tiki mugs, we have the ability to spend more time on each piece, adding layers of detail, a multitude of colors, and whatever else we dream up!

We’re working in collaboration with veteran tiki mug artists you know and love, as well as artists debuting their first tiki mug.

We’ve already released two tiki mugs with our new crew, Thor’s ‘Pirate at the Helm’ tiki mug, and ‘Floral Tiki Goddess’ designed by artist Eva of Critterosity, her first ever tiki mug, and we have more on the way! 


We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us through this tumultuous time. We’ve lost a lot of sleep over these delays, hiccups, and disasters, and we certainly don’t suggest starting a new business during a pandemic...but it’s because of YOU that we’re still here! We’re truly grateful for your words of encouragement, and understanding, and to those who have felt disappointed and disillusioned, we respect you and your feelings, and we take every bit of feedback to heart, and are always working to improve ourselves, and your experience. 

One last thing…

In appreciation for your patience we’re including 3 discount codes for 15% off each use. These will be able to be used on any items on These will be valid from February 1st to July 31st, 2022. Each code can only be used once by each person whose email matches the email address/account used to place an order for any of the mugs addressed in this letter, and can’t be combined with any other codes. The 3 codes are:

We’ve also shared this update on our social media in the form of a video if you’d prefer to watch or listen to it: