Tiki tOny

Tiki mugs, art, home decor, pins

Jeff Granito

Art, home decor, pins, clothing, pillowcases

Aleks Workshop

Carvings, home decor

Atomikitty Art

Art, home decor


Art, pins

BigToe Art

Art, tiki mugs

Buzz Rhino

Tiki mugs, lamps, home decor

California Lustre

Swizzle sticks, clothing


Vintage Hawaiiana

In person only


Art, barware

Crazy Al

Tiki mugs, home decor, jewelry

Double Trouble Apparel

Clothing, accessories

Dr. Skipper

Signs, books, home decor

Eric October

Art, tiki mugs

Fancy Fruits

Hair flowers, headpieces, home decor


Fez hats

Grass Shack Traders

Vintage Hawaiiana

In person only

Hawaiian Import

Home decor

High Desert Botanicals

Bitters, barware

Hula Girls Shave Ice

Dole Whip, and Shave Ice for pick up in Huntington Beach

Islanders Trading

Pins, patches

Jatiki Custom Surfboards

Carved surfboards

Jungle Ginger Designs

Hair flowers

Message through Instagram to order

Ken Ruzic

Tiki mugs, art

KHart Creations

Pillow cases, bar towels, etc

Kymm! Bang

Art, jewelry, home decor

Lilli Von Lava

Clothing, vintage home decor

Lisa Penney Art

Brooches, pins, art, home decor

Match Accessories

Brooches, jewelry


Art, barware

Mischief Motu

Carvings, home decor