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Tiki tOny's Tiki Santa Tiki Mug (Whoopsies) - Ready to Ship!
Tiki tOny's Tiki Santa Tiki Mug (Whoopsies) - Ready to Ship!
Tiki tOny's Tiki Santa Tiki Mug (Whoopsies) - Ready to Ship!

Tiki tOny's Tiki Santa Tiki Mug (Whoopsies) - Ready to Ship!

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What are “Whoopsies”?

During production, sometimes 'Whoopsies!' happen. These mugs we still consider sellable, but we’ve previously held them back from shipping for often very small and obscure reasons that most people wouldn’t notice. While all of our mugs are hand made and unique, some are a little more unique than others. We’ve had many people inquire about mugs that we’ve not had in-stock for awhile, so we thought this could be a good way to get some mugs that we no longer produce into the hands of those who really want them, and to make room on our shelves for new mugs that we’ve got in the works.

Each of these tiki mugs will have one or more of these, or other, small issues: glaze somewhere unintended, tiny black dots from particles in the kiln, superficial glaze cracks that don’t affect the integrity of the mug, etc. As each mugs issues vary and are unique, they aren’t reflected in pictures here. Mugs are being sold in as-is condition. We reserve the right to permanently mark mugs on bottom, out of sight, to indicate they're part of this group. Exchanges for alternate 'Whoopsie!' mugs will be allowed if buyer pays shipping costs. Mugs will not arrive cracked (excludes superficial glaze ‘cracks’). 

“Whoopsie” mugs are offered at discounted price.

These mugs are in-stock and ready to be packed and shipped.


Tiki tOny's Tiki Santa Tiki Mug

This is what happens when two holidays collide in one tiki mug


“It was the nightscare before Tikimas,
and Tiki Santa sits
perched on his nest of milky white skulls.
He peers and keeps watch
over a bubbling, brewing bowl.
Steaming with minty sweet candy
and spider web mummies,
sizzles his cauldron of winter, dust and honey!
Summer’s long fingers stretch
pulling Fall toward pumpkins and spice
whirling a wind into whispering white.
With a twitch of his nose
the spiders carefully creep in.

Tiki Santa sits stoic upon his throne of bones
Patiently waiting for his diabolical draught,
recalling jovial times of pine scents and snow. He whispers goodnight and all are affright! "



About this Tiki Mug:

    • This is not a limited edition, however at this time we've only produced a bit more than 500 mugs. 
    • This mug holds about 20oz (varies slightly mug to mug), is nearly 10” tall, and has a nice solid weight of almost 2 lbs. 
    • Ready to Ship!
    • This is a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Tiki tOny.
    • Designed by TikiLand Trading Co. in sunny Southern California. IMPORTED.
    • NOTE ABOUT IMPORT PRODUCTION: These mugs were produced with  one of our new production partners that has not been involved with any of our previous import mugs. All mugs will have passed through multiple rounds of quality control before being shipped out. These mugs are currently en route to us.
    • Mugs are made of a medium porcelain.
    • Each mug is hand made. Each mug is hand cast, hand cleaned up seam lines, then individually hand glazed! As a result, each mug will be unique and have small variations in glaze, color, cleanup, etc. With this specific mug, we have used a few variations of the brown and red glazes, and wipes (amount of white showing) will vary as well, to emulate the uniqueness of each one of Tiki tOny's carvings.
    • Hand wash only!
    • Please familiarize yourself with our policies.

About TikiLand Trading Co.:

Tiki Mugs by TikiLand Trading Co. are a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Tiki tOny.

Credits for this tiki mug:

Designed by Tiki tOny
Sculpted By Thor
Support and production by the team at TikiLand Trading Co.

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