Thor's 'Rum Barrel Raider' Print
Thor's 'Rum Barrel Raider' Print
Thor's 'Rum Barrel Raider' Print

Thor's 'Rum Barrel Raider' Print

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Thor's 'Rum Barrel Raider' Print

In 2007, I got a challenge from one of my bartender friends at Duke's bar in Waikiki, just across from my "Thor Gallery" and store. "Hey Thor", He said, "Since rum is your poison of preference, how about yah paint us up something with it"? "I bet yah can't create a picture using rum as your paint"!    
I took the challenge, went back to my apartment, and lit up a concoction of strong 151 and Myers's dark rum in an old Trader Vic's skull mug...and yes, took a swig to make sure it was a proper mix!  The rum burned down to a golden colored reduction of perfection.  I could thin it with more fresh rum, or use the dark caramelized rum on the inside walls of the mug for darker notes.  I found the medium to be truly magical and perfect as a watercolor like "ink" I could "paint"  with...and so was born, the Thor rum painting series.
I sold many at the "Thor Gallery" on Kalakaua Ave. They definitely developed a following!  Most any subject matter that captures the spirit of exotica and adventure inspires a little rum painting to be born.  I have gotten countless requests for these little originals over the years, and so have started, once again, to revive my tradition here for those who choose to own one. 

Aloha, and enjoy the enchantment of these little pieces of rummy art!  


Artwork by Thor (Tom Thordarson)   

5 X 7 Matted Print:
Inside art dimension is 5 X 7 Inches. Outer dimension of mat is 8 X 10 inches.

8X10 Unmatted Print:
Dimension of print is 8 x 10 inches.

11X14 Matted Print:
Inside art dimension is 8 x 10 inches. Outer dimension of double deluxe mat is 11 x 14 inches. 



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