Jeff Granito's 'Calling All Spirits' Tiki Mug Bowl Pre-Sale - Ships Fall2020*  (US shipping included)

Jeff Granito's 'Calling All Spirits' Tiki Mug Bowl Pre-Sale - Ships Fall2020* (US shipping included)

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NOTE: This is a limited time early pre-sale price of $139 for this bowl. Price will increase without notice. Full price is $165. This bowl will start shipping in Fall 2020*!

This bowl is also available as part of our Hula Haunts set for $199, here.

'Calling All Spirits ' Tiki Mug Bowl

Spirits fill the tiki bar
beckoning those from near and far.
Form a circle round the bowl,
And summon the otherworldly soul,
whose haunting visage we hope to spy
Inhabiting a float nearby

Has a guest arrived that you didn’t invite,
an otherworldly being that’s out at night?
Someone’s sipping more than their share.
When Calling on Spirits you best beware!

This tiki mug bowl will be glazed black with blue/aqua accents emphasizing it's otherworldly properties. Beverage of your choosing will fill the bowl, surrounding the center portion where the float will reside. The top of the float will have a "garnish bowl" which you can fill with whatever you choose. 

You can also find Jeff Granito's "Calling All Spirits" men's and women's aloha shirts, which match this bowl, here!

About our mug process: This is an initial design concept. Mug design will get more refined, and may change slightly, as we move from concept, to full turns, sculpt, and glaze testing. Our Lagoon Mermaid mug started the same way. You can take a look at the various pictures we have posted of that and see how the process unfolds from sketch to final mug, click here! Stay tuned here and our social media for updated pictures during the coming months.

About this 'Calling All Spirits' Tiki Mug Bowl:

    • Initial presale price of $139 (includes US shipping) (reg $165) is for a limited time, and will be the best price, and will increase without notice.
    • *This mug is a pre-sale with expected date in Fall 2020, barring any unforeseeable production issuesOrders will be shipped in the order received.
    • We’ll know more size and volume specifics as we move into turnarounds and then sculpt. We will update this information here as soon as we have it.
    • This is a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. andJeff Granito Designs. Designed in California. Imported.
    • International shipping will requires additional shipping costs.
    • While the bowl is depicted with fire, if you choose to use fire with your bowl, you do so at our own risk.

About TikiLand Trading Co.:

Tiki Mugs by TikiLand Trading Co. are a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Tiki tOny.