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Adventureland Day - 3/1 Disneyland, 3/8 WDW

Scroll down to download the Decoder and Clue Sheets

To join us in the fun at Disneyland on March 1, make sure to:
Text ADVENTURELANDDAY to 555888 in order to become an AdventureLander club member... we will teletype you intercepted transmissions from our expedition leader deep in the Lost Temple and we will need your help unlocking the clues to rescue our expedition leader.

Adventureland Day Schedule

About Adventurelad Day

Adventureland Day is a day dedicated to exploration and community of all things Adventureland!

Wether you like searching for artifacts in temples, researching the jungle aboard a boat, or enjoying a tropical serenade, we welcome all Adventurerlanders! Join us at Disneyland* on March 1st, 2020 for a extraordinary scavenger hunt, friendly community, and a journey to the local water hole!

Feel free to dress in your best adventure wear but be wary! Don’t overdress yourself as we don’t want to be denied this great adventure!

Check out what our past events outfits looked like by checking us out on Instagram at http://instagram.com/adventurelandday or by searching the hashtag #adventurelandday

We’ll see you soon and remember: Adventure is Out There! 

*Admission to Disneyland Park is required to attend. Adventureland Day is an an unofficial event held at Disneyland and is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. 

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Adventureland Day is made possible by Tiki tOny and TikiLand Trading Co., as well as the amazing Adventureland Day correspondents and hosts.

Adventureland Day's 'sister' event is TikiLand Day on April 26, 2020 at Disneyland - https://www.facebook.com/events/369361173783331/