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Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug, designed by Brian Kesinger - Coming Soon
Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug, designed by Brian Kesinger - Coming Soon
Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug, designed by Brian Kesinger - Coming Soon
Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug, designed by Brian Kesinger - Coming Soon

Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug, designed by Brian Kesinger - Coming Soon

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Introducing Kraken’s Toast, designed by Brian Kesinger and produced by TikiLand Trading Co.. This is mug is a future release and we're excited to announce it as part of World Octopus Day! Please note that this is an early preview of this mug and glaze colors and style have yet to been chosen.

Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug

Legend speaks of a monstrous creature who lurks in the depths of the sea. For centuries this beast has haunted many a sailor’s nightmares but we now know that it's just been misunderstood. The ocean can be a solitary place and the Mighty Kraken just wants somebody to share a drink with! The problem is; it’s a little clingy. His quest for companionship is often misconstrued as nothing more than vicious attacks.

With many a shipwreck in its wake, it’s your turn to raise a glass...or a your new unfathomable friend!

About Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger is an Annie award winning story artist, illustrator and author. His 20+ year career at Disney has spanned both hand drawn and cg animated films from Tarzan to Frozen 2. In addition to Brian's film work, he has also become a celebrated author and illustrator of several books that showcase his style, wit and ability to tell engaging stories in original ways. His artistic journey had lead him to find an additional home with Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm where he blends his animation background with the comic art form to create dazzling and expressive art. Brian is now Lead Character Designer at Netflix. You can learn more about Brian here

About our mug process

About our mug process: This is an initial design concept as well as the current sculpt. Mug design may get more refined, and change slightly,  up through during glaze testing. On our home page you can see some of our other final mugs which started the same way. You can take a look at the various pictures we have posted of each muh and see how the process unfolds from sketch to final mug, click here! Stay tuned here and our social media for updated pictures during the coming months.

About this Kraken's Toast Tiki Mug :
    • This is mug is NOT YET FOR SALE.
    • Glaze colors and style have not been chosen for this mug yet, but will be revealed in the coming months.
    • The mast in the illustration will most likely be a swizzle stick that comes with the mug!
    • As this mug is currently still in the design phase, we have not set a price yet, hence the current listing at $0. Once a price has been set we will update this page.
    • We will share updates about size and volume when we have those details.
    • This is a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Brian Kesinger.
    • International shipping will requires additional shipping costs.

About TikiLand Trading Co.:

Tiki Mugs by TikiLand Trading Co. are a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Tiki tOny.

Credits for this tiki mug:

Designed by Brian Kesinger
Sculpted By Thor
Support and production by the team at TikiLand Trading Co.